Saturday, 13 April 2013


I've taken to adding inspirational quotes of the day to twitter. It's to help myself, as well as others through the day. So if you need motivation today just remember your AMAZING! I'm talking especially to mums here (sorry guys, your amazing too). But as a new mum, I now have a deeper appreciation for what my own mother has done for me. She raised 2 kids ALONE. And when I mean alone, I mean alone. She was in a foreign country away from her family and friends. So I am now in awe of her coping skills and ability to be mum, dad and friend all in one. I am lucky enough not to have that problem. I have a lovely and loving partner of 6 years. I can't imagine bringing up my daughter without the support of my partner, family and friends.
     So mums out there WE'RE AMAZING! Just getting through each day loving, caring, cleaning, educating, feeding and supporting our children is amazing.
     Keep up the good work ladies. xxx

Hugs Lisa

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