Monday, 22 April 2013

All babies start out looking like Aliens..

The weekend was really busy getting ready for the launch. With mum duties never stopping I am now shattered. I got my beautiful daughter to model my funny trying to get her to keep still, while taking a billion shots on numerous cameras. But I think she makes the clothes look great. They are on now on Facebook and I've twittered, pinned and contacted everyone I know to get my name out there.
     Ok, you may be thinking, why and how I chose my designs (or maybe your not thinking that, but I'm gonna tell you anyway!). Well the idea came to me quite quickly, it was the process that was long. I wanted something unique, different from the High St designs. The alien is modeled on my daughter. Oh dear you might say. But let me explain, her birth was a amazing and thankfully a short experience. But when my gorgeous girl was first laid upon my chest, she looked up at me with her big brown eyes... and I thought ummm she looks like a little alien gremlin (all wrinkly and pale). Now don't get me wrong ladies, we love our children like nothing else in this world. But you have to admit, when they are newborn, they're not that attractive yet! (chuckling). Anyway she was this long limbed, pot bellied, big eyed, cute little alien and I wanted that design on my clothes. So there you go, the long and short of it.

I introduce you to CB (Colourful Babies) the Alien.
       There will be more designs to come. I'm basically going to put CB in all the situations (i.e playing with building blocks) that my daughter has and will be in, on my products. I hope you love them.

Love Lisa
Mumpreneur (hopefully a successful one)

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