Thursday, 25 April 2013

Sleep Deprived!

I'm tired, I'm tried and oh did I mention I'M TIRED. As a stay at home mum trying to flog some baby clothes on the internet, some people may think I don't have much on. But I can tell you I DO! I have a teething 9 month old that is driving me up the wall! What do you do when she has taken to hating her cot and hollas every time you lay her down? What do you do when she plays cot acrobats and ends up random positions? What to you do when the Calpol doesn't seem to be working and you don't want to overdose her, by giving it to her every ten minutes! (lol, joking peeps,don't go calling social services on me). What do you do when your tired and your patience is wearing thin? Well so far I've learnt to talk to other mothers (baby clubs and events), read other mother blogs (someone else is definately going through the same thing). Take a break, have a cup of tea/coffee or glass of wine (late nights only, when they finally succumb to sleep) and get out and about where possible (trips to the shops, park etc).
     Whats that I hear.....silence... at last she is sleeping. Cup of tea anyone?
Need Coffee

Hugs Lisa (Tired Business Mum)

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