Tuesday, 16 April 2013

SUPPORT is key!

Okay so I'm still waiting on my printed products to return from my fabulous printers. And while I wait nervously, I continue to plug away at getting my name out there. Furiously tweeting, pinning and Facebooking away! The response, thus far has been great, due largely to the very supportive mothers out there. I received some lovely personal messages and tweets of support. Which I have found amazing being embraced by the 'mums is business' community. It got me thinking how without 'support' I wouldn't get very far. Without the support of my friends, family and especially my partner, I wouldn't have even started this venture. I realised that if I want support, I also have to give it. We should buy locally as much as possible, support local businesses spend less at large corporations that don't know our names or care about us. (Please note I said buy less at large corporations, I do live in the real world! The economic climate doesn't allow us all to buy organic, free ranged, recyclable high priced products) But where we can afford it, we can make changes. Then you know what your getting and where its coming from... ('she clears throat and mutters under her breath "horsemeat"... Enough said). It feels good to know your supporting your community and buying from someone who hopefully appreciates your business.....ok I'm getting of my soap box now.
           Anyway let me give you a example of why I talk about support and community. When I was looking for a printers for my ideas I found that my 'small order' was not appreciated by some of the larger well know printing establishments that I approached. People couldn't be bothered to take the time, to discuss what I wanted on the phone. They would ask me to send a e mail, then not reply. Now I don't know about you, but that's just rude!!!I got dishearten, thought I would never find one at a decent price or that would fulfill my order. Until I spoke to my current printers. He was AMAZING!, chatty, friendly, kind, patient and most of all supportive. He discussed my options, emailed my back straight away and was super helpful. I felt he appreciated my business and wanted to help with mine. He offered great customer service and we should expect nothing less. So if you buy from me expect the same.

Lisa - Entrepreneur in training!


  1. Hey Lisa. You sound like you've got what it takes girl - and never ever worry about bringing out the soap box. I don't leave home without mine. x

    1. Thank you. Cool, I'll keep my soap box then.