Saturday, 15 June 2013

Success Through Failure!

As you can see I haven't wrote in a while. This is due to a few things, I have been busy with the business. I've been selling at markets around London. Which has has its successes and 1 big epic fail! (Brick Lane was 7 hours of my time = 0 sales). It was at that time that I learnt the most about myself and the business. Even though I wanted to lay in bed the next day feeling sorry for myself. I realised that is actually strengthen my belief in my product (What's wrong with everyone?...Why weren't they buying my stuff...? were some of my thoughts). I analysed why I  thought it went wrong (wrong crowd, not my target market, wrong pitch..etc). I had to redo my strategy. So my next two markets stalls were at baby fairs. One in East London and one in West.  I decided that I was just going to talk to other mothers and fathers. Talk about my passion for my product and the reason behind the concept. And guess what? its worked. I sold some clothes!!! It was amazing! Mums and dads really responded well in my interactions with them and they LOVED my product. It was great to know that I had designed and produce something that others liked enough to BUY!  A fabulous feeling. So thats what I am going to continue to do. Sell my story and hopefully my baby clothes will come along for the ride.

Hugs Lisa - Mumpreneur


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  2. Sometimes it takes one bad experience for us to learn, so we could do better next time! And this is what happened to you when you picked the right market for your products. Web marketing is similar too; you need to be noticed by the people you intend to sell to. However, the way of getting them to do so is quite different online, so you'd have to change your strategies somewhat. Good luck!
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