Thursday, 23 May 2013

Is Boasting Bitchy?

I haven't written in a while. Sooo busy! I have been doing the usual things i.e raising a child! Plus I have been building networks and buying stock for the business. I am still constantly checking Twitter and Facebook. But I'm proud to say that I have reach both my milestones (500 followers and 100 FB likes) Hooray. Thank you everyone for your support so far.
     Great News...I will also be selling my wares outside of the internet. Yep in person on a market stall in Brick Lane, London. I also have 2 baby shows lined up. I am super excited as well as super nervous that people won't buy my things. But ploughing on regardless. I've started this roller coaster ride, so I guess I can't get off now, that I'm strapped in!
      I realised in this process of starting up, that it is hard for me to 'blow my own trumpet'. I was thinking if it was just me. Or are women in general, told that they are supposed to self deprecating and humble. That if we boast and brag we are seen has 'loving ourselves' or 'bitches'. I'm finding it hard to shout about how 'fabulous' my product is (even writing that is hard!) But it is, so there! I think womankind does tend to see all the negatives in ourselves, instead of shouting about all the positives. But I am gonna to have to learn to go against my mental grain and boast, boast and boast some more. So if your near East London, come and see me to buy my gorgeous and unique baby wear. If your not in London, buy from me on Facebook. (Shameless self promotion I know!)

xxx Lisa - Amazing Mum and Business Owner

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