Saturday, 30 March 2013

Daunting task, can I do it?

So as a new mum to a 8 month old on maternity leave. I decide that I don't have enough going on already!! So why not start a small business from my bedroom. When I was pregnant with my little one I didn't know what sex of the baby was. So buying clothes for the baby was difficult. Why? because if you don't want to buy a pink or blue outfit the only options on the high street seem to be, beige, white or cream. Exciting colours I know. But not what I wanted. So I am starting my online business in colourful baby clothes and accessories. Starting in baby grows, dresses, hoodies, bibs and blankets. But sooooo scary. Will it work? who knows but I am going for it anyway. Wish me luck, just launched on facebook yesterday so lets see how its goes......

Lisa  - owner/operator of Colour Babies

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